Brightburn director gives passionate account of the film in new BTS footage


In a recently surfaced behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming film Brightburn, director David Yarovesky gives a passionate account of his new motion-picture set to be released on May 24th.


Brightburn is a 2019 superhero-horror film that centers around a superpowered alien being who crash-lands on earth from space and is adopted by a pair of farmers in Tori Breyer (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer (David Denman). Eventually, what the couple thought to be a blessing turns into a terrible curse as the child becomes a sinister and vicious predator terrorizing innocent bystanders in a small Kansas town.

The forthcoming film is the first of its kind as it gives a new untold take to the Superman story and asks the ‘what if?’ question; what if the alien who is destined to be the shining example of heroism turns out to be the opposite of a hero? Well, the man behind it all David Yarovesky praises his cast and crew in the interview for getting on board and contributing to the operationalization of his ambitious concept.


He says, “We all, you know, united around this vision, I had a vision for the movie that I wanted to tell, and I’d get into a room with them, we’d all sync up, we’d have these conversations, and then it just felt like we all held hands and walked in the direction, you know, and there was something really great about it, you know, everyone was so supportive of each other.”


The nature of early audience reactions that fans of the superhero genre would have, was always going to be an important factor for David and his production team considering how beloved the character of Superman is. Nonetheless, all went well in that sector as he continues to say in the tell-all interview.


“The reaction the audiences had to seeing superhero and horror coming together for the first time has been just overwhelming, and the fan art, and the ummh… I’ve heard we’ve had thousands, like over a thousands submissions already of just fan art, posters, all sorts of things, there’s ummh… Claymation animation things, like it’s been overwhelming, and I think so much of that is a response to this idea, this core idea of like, we’ve seen… we’ve seen altruistic superheroes acting on behalf of everyone all the time with best intentions, now let’s see a superhero acting on real bad intentions, and misusing their powers, you know?”

Brightburn, despite being released alongside big budget films such as Aladdin, is already projected to gross $10-$12 million in its opening weekend according to various reports; commendable statistics for a film which was only produced on a $7 million dollar budget.

-Thomas Kitinya

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