Moviewarden is your ultimate destination for unbiased and even movie news & reviews. My name is Thomas Odhiambo Kitinya ; a proud citizen of Kenya and I started this blog basically because I love movies. I have been watching them ever since I was old enough to and over time my interest in delving deeper into this multi-billion dollar industry known as Hollywood, and the projects that are consistently being churned out grew stronger and stronger.

Here, I basically do relatively concise movie reviews. The latter is done on the basis of certain aspects that I feel are integral and in the end I give the movie a grade it deserves; there are no spoilers in my reviews unless it’s a retro. It is my sincerest hope that you the audience of this website will be with me on this journey for however long it might last.  

Below are pictorial representations of my top 3 favourite movies of all time. I love myself some emotion in the films I watch and these triple threat blockbusters did what many couldn’t; they got me to shed a tear or two. My challenge to you my readers is to identify which films these pictures represent, leave your answers in the comment section below and perhaps tell me what you took away from watching each or every one of them. The first one might be a no-brainer but can you get the other two?



Tim Robbins And Morgan Freeman In 'The Shawshank Redemption'

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  1. Hi Thomas,
    In regards to Number 2, because the scene is on a cornfield I immediately thought of the 1989 Kevin Costner movie FIELD OF DREAMS but since that’s Matthew McConaughey in the photo I’m gonna have to nominate the Christopher Nolan directed INTERSTELLAR (2014) instead.

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  2. Well…in simple words I’d say INTERSTELLAR packed up alot of emotion..had great direction..exceptional cast..the plot is riveting straight of the bat. Murph and his dad (Matthew Mcgonaghey) have a deep father-daughter bond and when daddy has to leave for the greater good, you can see how much it impacted her and how much she wanted him not to leave.
    I don’t want to go into spoilers Glen because I want you to enjoy the experience. What I can tell you though is that you won’t get bored; especially if you are an astrophysics guy and are fascinated by the space-time continuum thing.👍

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  3. One review I read described the movie as being “frantically busy and earsplittingly loud”. Unfortunately I wouldn’t count myself as a fan of director Christopher Nolan’s films generally speaking – finding his movies usually incredibly long-winded and overly complex.

    Having said that, the Al Pacino/Robin Williams/Hilary Swank movie INSOMNIA which Nolan directed early in his career (2002) is one of my all-time favourite movies and naturally I would have to concede THE DARK KNIGHT (2008) is as close to a masterpiece as any movie could rightly claim to be.

    Anyway, thanks to our exchange of thought, INTERSTELLAR is now definitely on my ‘To Watch’ list.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

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      1. Top 3 Films of all time?
        Wow, you sure know how to ask the hard questions Thomas!
        The definitive TOP 3 list is something that’s probably beyond my powers of focus at present to really pin down. I’d have to opt instead for maybe TOP 3 according to genre or decade.

        In amongst all those provisos, these three movies would have to up there somewhere –

        CAPRICORNE ONE (1977) Starring O.J. Simpson & directed by Peter Hyams
        THE STAR CHAMBER (1983) Starring Michael Douglas & directed by Peter Hyams
        HEAT (1995) Starring Al Pacino & Robert DeNiro & directed by Michael Mann

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      2. Hehe😃…I agree, it was a difficult question. Cool list by the way👍…Though I have only watched HEAT of all the three movies…which so happens to have a striking resemblance to this year’s DEN OF THIEVES.

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  4. Ok Titanic just stands alone. I own it, saw it three times at the theatre, so… after that it gets tough. I need to waych Interstellar again…withno distractions. The plot is very intricate, subtle and there is a lot of time shifting. You really can’t miss any of it.
    My favorite movies list goes too long, maybe one for each decade of my life! Harry Potter series, Guardians of the Galaxy, Overboard, Notting Hill, anything by M. Night Shamylan. Powder. Wall E. Meet Joe Black…Tombstone. 😱

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      1. The gentle strength of Bruce Willis’ character fathering the younger Ben Affleck – true friendship will take you places you never could have imagined – you might one day be called upon to do something enormous for someone else…what will your answer be… great question. Thanks! 😊

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  5. Fun questionnaire (and thanks for the follow).

    Titanic was crafted to pull at the heart-strings, even though it might have stretched a few facts – but few. Characters were easy to relate to and I loved the book-ending with wonderful older-Rose.

    Pass on two as never got to see it.

    Armageddon was again a good movie for tugging the heart-strings with great characters. Any excuse to watch a movie with Arwen, although Bruce Willis makes the movie.

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  6. Thanks for visiting The Snail Trail and introducing me to your blog. I don’t see many movies but I’m definitely not into horror! There’s enough of that in the news. However, I’ll be following your reviews with interest.

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  7. Thanks for the follow. I’m a fan of animated movies myself – although having said that i have seen all the ones you had shots of at the top of this page. Wish you well with you movie blog.

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  8. Hey Thomas, nice to make your acquaintance (across the World and web). I’ve been to your beautiful country a few times and loved it, so sharing movie-lore with you will be a pleasure as well. Cheers, Mark

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  9. Hi Thomas. Thanks for checking out my station. Looks like we both have a love for film. I don’t catch to many movies coming out of Hollywood but I do keep an eye out for ones that catch me.. ‘A Quiet Place’ looks like it might be interesting. I’ll check out more of your takes. Enjoy your viewing. Later. CB

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  10. This movie is everything a sweeping, blockbuster of an epic should be. The idea for the movie is bold and imaginative. I saw the preview–yes, back in the day–and I thought to myself I want to see this. Then I read that the movie was in trouble, that the industry was saying it was going to be a huge failure i.e., the Heavens Gate of the 90s. It’s my daughters favorite movie. They are 26 and 20 years old.

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    1. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely into foreign films. Nonetheless, If its interesting and/or outstanding I’ll give it attention. Case in point the HOTEL RWANDA which I reviewed a while ago. You ought to check it out if you haven’t already 😁

      It’s an honour to follow your work… keep it up!👍

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      1. Ah, I do hope that you watch a few from time to time… I do hate to limit myself. I have a long list of ‘foreign’ films that I love. If you ever want a recommendation… I’m afraid I find the films there to focused on special effects and high body counts. I will check out your post on HOTEL RWANDA as you so kindly suggested. I shall offer you a few foreign titles to think about. Most will be in English and often the subtitles… BARBARIAN INVASIONS (Canada) https://youtu.be/xaA2DYav-gI AFTERLIFE (Japan) https://youtu.be/DN9sr5wVkik
        and SHADOW MAGIC (China) https://youtu.be/Ybd1jigOeLw
        I hope I havent bored you with this and that you do find something to enjoy. 🙂 Thanks for the follow! 🙂

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      2. I think it’s high time I veered off Hollywood a little and focused on foreign films; there are many more outstanding stories out there that are being told through the lenses of great storytellers.
        I’ll check out BARBARIAN INVASIONS first, seems interesting and heartfelt judging by the trailer.
        Thanks for the recommendations Lea.👍😎… much appreciated!

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      3. Thanks alot👍😁… I hope I’ll enjoy it.
        Of course… I’ll be in touch with you for more suggestions.
        It was nice meeting you Lea 😎


  11. Thank you for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy sharing my recipes and travels with you. Welcome aboard.



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  12. Hi Thomas! It’s nice to meet you!! Thankyou for following my blog! By the way I love Titanic and Shawshank Redemption! I’ve never seen the movie the second picture is taken from. 😄 Also, I nominated you for the blogger recognition award recently! 😁

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