The Daily Debate [#26]😎 – Does the Christmas setting in ‘Hawk-Eye’ undermine the plot’s seriousness? In the 30th edition of 'the Daily Debate', we seek to discuss on whether the jolly and comedic tone in Marvel's newest Disney + series negatively affects the seriousness of the plot.

The Daily Debate #20 – Can the surge in new V.O.D platforms spell considerable losses for Netflix? Netflix has and continues to enjoy a long and lucrative period of time as the leading Video-On-Demand/Streaming platform in the world. However, with the emergence of new platforms in the market, is it certainty that the company will be knocked off its perch eventually? Join me and Evans once again as we delve into this topical... Continue Reading →

The Daily Debate #18 – Is the ‘Halloween’ reboot more suited to the newer slasher film audience? Despite the fame of the 'Halloween' film franchise in the slasher film genre, it has had its fair share of dissapointing movies especially between the 1st and the most recent one that released in 2018. Join me, Evans and Joseph in episode 18 of 'The Daily Debate' as we discuss and converse on whether the reboot... Continue Reading →

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