Did you know.... In the course of principal photography, the cast and crew of The Maltese Falcon had the feeling they were shooting something exciting and tried to hamper any unwanted visitors from coming to the set. The people in charge of publicity at one point brought a group of priests to the set. Before... Continue Reading →

MAX STEEL (2016) – Worst Movies Ever Made Ep. 1

Max Steel is a 2016 American superhero science-fiction-action movie directed by Stewart Hendler. Based on a Mattel action-figure line by the same name, it basically centres on Max Mcgrath (Ben Winchell), a young teenager and his exploits alongside an alien creature called Steel (Josh Brener) who combine to form the multi-powered superhero Max Steel. Before... Continue Reading →

‘Good Will Hunting’ duo to star in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film ‘The Last Duel’

According to Deadline, Hollywood sensations Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are set to star in a forthcoming Ridley Scott motion-picture in 'The Last Duel', based on a book by Eric Jager. Set in the 12th century, the movie pivots on a tale of revenge involving two best friends in Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris. Their... Continue Reading →


Did you know... Contrary to popular belief of Ancient Rome gladiatorial fights, a Roman emperor actually put his thumb downwards to signify that a gladiator's life was to be spared, whereas thumbs up meant that there would be no mercy for a downed gladiator and he'd have to die. In the Ridley Scott directed 2000... Continue Reading →

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