A new ‘Terminator’ film is upon us and this time, it sees part of the original cast reprise their roles in a direct sequel to 1991’s ‘Terminator: Judgement Day’


8 thoughts on “TERMINATOR: DARK FATE (2019) REVIEW

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  1. WOW! I wasn’t expecting you to be on a channel giving your stellar review this time, so was pleasantly surprised. You gave it in such an articulate way that I wondered if you were reading from a screen or something. If not, bravo on your delivery style. If I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with your review in the past, I am now, because I’m highly visual, and enjoy watching, listening, via screen.

    In my opinion…Anyone that’s seen the original Terminator movies (when 1st out) is going to be super critical of anything reprised in 2019. Without laying eyes on this one yet, I’m thinking it’s lost it’s shock value, it’s spontaneity. Just me! Still, I will check it out, maybe with my grandson on an IMAX screen. At the very least, my eyes will dart around chasing all the movement in the film, and I will be satisfied entertainment-wise, that way! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Jen. Yeah, I am moving to YouTube and bidding WordPress farewell; be sure to subscribe to my channel… I have some cool videos planned out.
      Beyond the action and some heartfelt scenes… I don’t think Terminator 6 had much going for it. That said, I hope you enjoy your screening with your son.

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