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In the course of principal photography, the cast and crew of The Maltese Falcon had the feeling they were shooting something exciting and tried to hamper any unwanted visitors from coming to the set. The people in charge of publicity at one point brought a group of priests to the set. Before shooting began, Mary Astor , one of the stars of the film, looked down at her legs and said, “Hold it a minute, I’ve got a g**damn run in my stocking” . One of the publicity people quickly sprung into action and ushered the priests off the set.


The Maltese Falcon (1941) was directed by John Huston, best known for movies such as Wise Blood, The Dead and most notably Prizzi’s Honor, a film which earned him the honour (no pun intended) of being the oldest person ever to be nominated for the Best Director Oscar when, at 79 years old.

Well, if you didn’t know… now you know!

–Fun Fact Information courtesy of Wikipedia and IMDb.

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  1. The Maltese Falcon is one of my favorite classic noir films.

    Apparently as a result of the film’s success back in 1941, Warner Bros. immediately made plans to produce a sequel entitled The Further Adventures of the Maltese Falcon, which Huston was to direct in early 1942. However, due to John Huston’s high demand as a director and unavailability of the major cast members, the sequel was never made.

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  2. I too am thankful some movies are left untouched by sequelitis.

    Up until now my favorite horror movie of all time THE SHINING (1980) has been left intact with no sequels attached. All that is about to change with the release later this year of the film DOCTOR SLEEP (based on Stephen King’s 2013 literary sequel) featuring Ewan McGregor as a grown up and still psychic Danny Torrance.

    I await with some trepidation as to how this sequel will variously enhance or sully the memory of the original masterpiece.

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    1. Not that much of a fan of the horror genre… I don’t have a favourite horror movie!
      Yeah, let’s wait and see how DOCTOR SLEEP fairs on. It better be good!
      it hasn’t been hyped though, has it?…. the way IT; Chaper 2 has


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