What the Jurassic World movies got wrong about the Mosasaurus


If you ask a bunch of ‘Jurassic World’ fans what they really love about the franchise, a good number will say that they enjoy seeing the pre-historic creatures being brought to life on screen; some may even go deeper and say they just love the Mosasaurus. Arguably one of of the largest sea creatures to have ever graced our planet, the Mosasaurus is a genus of mosasaurs, a large extinct group of marine reptiles that roamed the seas and oceans between about 66 and 70 million years ago, in western Europe and North America.


Despite the fact that the films got a number of things right about the creature i.e. the ability to venture into shallow waters or even its hydrodynamic build, they’re still some aspects to the marine animal, two in particular, that were exagerrated under the guise of the fact that the Mosasaurus Maximus is just a mutated version of it’s original. Plain and simple. Anyway, what might these exaggerated aspects be? Well…


The element of theatricality and spectacle in Sc-Fi movies these days cannot be understated; the Jurassic World movies are certainly no exception particularly when you focus on the physical representation of the Mosasaurus. In an interview featured on the Jurassic World YouTube channel, one of the designers of the pre-historic creatures in 2015’s Jurassic World confessed that he did have his concerns about how big he and his team were scaling the animal; concerns that were shot down by renown American paleontologist Jack Horner based on the creature’s habitat.
This hence opened the door for an amplified depiction of Mosasaurus which saw the creature’s length boosted to 55 feet from its ideal 50 feet and its weight boosted to an astounding 28 tons from its ideal 15 tons.


2. DIET.
Breaching is basically a marine animal’s ability to raise their body vertically out of the water. The reasons as to why they do it are not defined nevertheless for the cinematic Mosasaurus, it did it so as to catch prey. In the films, the prey included a baited shark, a pterodactyl flying too close to the water surface of the Jurassic World Lagoon, the Indominus Rex and a mercenary trying to escape Isla Nublar on a chopper.
That said, which of the various prey featured in the films would the pre-historic creature actually go for? According to New Dinosaurs, the original Mosasaurus’ diet often consisted of fish, shellfish and squids but they wouldn’t have eaten sharks yet alone an air-bourne pterodactyl as was portrayed in the first Jurassic World installment.


Yes, one would argue that it would not have made sense for the creature in the films to feed on puny animals like fish and shellfish; a valid argument I would say. However, if the involved parties in the movie franchise wanted to stay true to the feeding habits of the pre-historic reptile, a huge collection of these puny animals dangling above the park lagoon as bait would have easily done the trick instead of a shark.

-Thomas Kitinya. 

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