5 Exciting aspects of J.Jonah Jameson’s return to the Spider-Man universe


Straight off the bat, in case you haven’t watched the latest M.C.U movie in Spider-Man: Far From Home then this is your opportunity to turn back, because it’s going to get ‘spoilery’ from here on out. Then again, if the title is anything to go by, I am sure you are pretty much aware of the nature of this article. Since Avengers: Endgame unconventionally didn’t feature any mid-credits or post-credits scenes, it was almost a no-brainer that the new Spider-Man movie would, and it did. Nonetheless, no one could have anticipated the shock of seeing J.K Simmons in the mid-credits reprising his role as J.Jonah Jameson in the M.C.U. It was a jaw-dropping moment indeed. That said, here are are 5 exciting aspects about the return of Jameson in the Spider-Man universe.



1. J.K Simmon’s reappointment

Any fan of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films is all too familiar with Simmon’s superb portrayal of the Daily Bugle editor-in-chief. Whether it was the physical appearance or mannerisms, Simmons embodied Jameson in every way and it felt like the character had spilled out of the comics and come to life. It was undoubtedly one of if not the most pristine case of perfect casting of a coming book character. In spite of the fact that it has now been over a decade since his last stint in the role, the 64 year old’s reappointment is just a testament to how good his performance was and how much of an impact it had to the audience.


Image courtesy of Marvel Studios 

2. Yet another comic relief character

Beyond all the action, adventure, suspense and drama that Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home have so excellently delivered to audience members, the element of comedy has definitely been a standout, more so in the latest installment. Ned Leeds, Flash Thompson, Julius Dell, Nick Fury, M.J; these are all characters that took the lightheartedness of a Spider-man movie to a whole new level. The addition of J.Jonah Jameson in this whole mix will just be the cherry on top of the cake and we can now look forward to more funny moments in the coming sequels.


digital era

3. Acknowledgement of the digital era

For a superhero who was conceived in the early 1960’s, based on the environment of that time, there have been a lot of changes that have gradually been made over the years both in comics as well as other media. The most obvious reason for this is to maintain the dynamic readership and viewership of anything Spider-Man related. Far From Home introduced a new twist as far as Daily Bugle is concerned as it is now a controversial news website as opposed to just a New York City tabloid newspaper. I’m not so sure whether the latter exists in the M.C.U nonetheless, the news website thing, I think, was a clever move by the screenwriters as it speaks to the current digital era. They can play around with this aspect in upcoming stories and even include other digital platforms to create that sense of realism and relatability.


4. Possibility of more role reprisals

It is blatantly clear by now that Marvel Studios is gradually creating a reputation of springing up wild surprises within the stories adapted for various movies under it’s umbrella; surprises that audiences never see coming. In as much as the protagonistic Skrulls in Captain Marvel was surprising, it pales in comparison to the shocking reveal in the Far From Home mid-credits. That said, is J.K Simmon’s return as the hot-headed chief editor the only surprise link between the Raimi Trilogy and the M.C.U or will we be seeing more role reprisals in the next installment? Perhaps we could see Topher Grace coming back as Eddie Brock, working in the Daily Bugle or even Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors; who knows?



5. A thorn in Spider-Man’s flesh

Considering how bad the situation is for Spider-Man after he is framed for acts he did not commit and his true identity is revealed to the whole world, he definitely would not want to have people spread negative propaganda about him. It would hurt his redemptive mission. However, spreading negative propaganda is what J.Jonah Jameson does best through the Daily Bugle and it will be interesting to see how far he will go with his smear campaign in the next movie. Jameson’s antics will only add fuel to Spider-Man’s fire hence there could be more tension in the future stories of the web-slinger, which is good fodder for audiences.

-Thomas Kitinya

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