Spider-man: Far From Home is an American superhero film directed by Jon Watts and is a sequel to Spider-man: Homecoming and Avengers: Endgame. Set in various locations in both U.S.A and Europe, the film’s plot centers on Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and his quest of stopping the threat of elemental beings from an alternate universe while also trying to enjoy his high school trip in Europe.



Acting and Character performances

For a time, I always thought Tobey McGuire’s version of the agile web-slinger could never be topped;  he was the definitive Spider-man for me on the big screen. That said, that version of the hero didn’t focus on the ‘teenager in high school’ aspect beyond the first installment; a crucial aspect of the character. Then came Tom Holland; I mean, you’ll never get a better actor in Hollywood to play the role than him. He is practically Spider-man in real life, except for the spider powers part, and some few other things.

In this film, more than the first one, you get to go on an emotional journey with Peter as he not only tries to grapple with the loss of his mentor and father-figure in Tony Stark but also as he explores his feelings for Mary Jane. He’s had a lot on his plate over the past couple of years since he came to Tony’s aid in Civil War and, you know, a guy needs a rest and that’s where the school trip comes in.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Spider-Man movie if Peter didn’t spring into action every now and then and that’s what happens during his trip. There is a looming threat that Fury has handpicked him to help solve and in as much as he wants to enjoy his trip, he has a job to do. With great power comes great responsibility. Peter’s heroic journey in this movie alongside the Mary-Jane subplot make the character shine through the story excellently.


Speaking of the angel, we get to see more of M.J in this than we had to in Homecoming; if you thought she was funny, relatable and exciting in that movie then wait till you see this one, unless you already have. Zendaya’s relatively new iteration of the character is a breath of fresh air compared to Kirsten Dunst, not to say that the latter was bad, at least not entirely. The fact that the M.C.U Mary-Jane, more so in this film, defies the archetypal kind of love interest we are used to seeing in these kind of films is something I was very much drawn to and I believe you will too.


Jacob Balaton reprises his role as Ned Leeds in this and long story short; he is everything you need in a comic relief character, the same goes for Toni Revolori as Flash Thompson. Nick Fury and Maria Hill make for great side characters as usual. As for Jake Gyllenhaal as Quentin Beck a.k.a Mysterio, his arc in the film is pretty much a spoiler so I’d rather not delve into that. I can tell you this much though, if you have by any chance interacted with the character in the comics then you now what to expect.


The Plot, Merits and Demerits.

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to nail a good Spider-man movie, in my opinion, is by exploring both sides of the hero’s alter-ego and fleshing them out as much as possible. This movie goes a step further, it interweaves the struggles of the alter-egos in an interchangeable but seamless manner and thus you are essentially following the arc of one multi-faced character.


In the first movie, Jon Watts proved that he understands the intricacies of the character and this movie proves that point even more. His direction in this is otherworldly, hands down. Just like the previous film , he understands how to portray the screenplay, both of which were exceptionally written by Chris McKenna and Chris Sommers. I wouldn’t say the visual effects and cinematography in this are unique nonetheless, they were pretty awesome and immersive as well. Principal photography must have been the toughest part of the production process if the diverse locations is anything to go by. The locations not only contribute substantially to the visual look of the film but also breaks the New-York monotony, in my opinion.


I couldn’t quite make out a lot of issues in my first viewing nonetheless, the one that I just can’t shake off is more to do with how the development of a key character in the film is done. Exposition in the form of dialogue is used to achieve the mentioned; evidence of a little bit of lazy writing. That said, it isn’t that glaring an issue, at least I don’t think so.



When all is said and done, I don’t think there’d be a better film to usher in the next phase of the M.C.U than Spider-Man:Far From Home. It is the perfect sequel not only to its predecessor but also to Avengers: Endgame as it highlights the theme of continuity and change. That’s pretty much it for my review; I highly recommend you see this movie in this theatres. It’s worth every penny!


(Imagery courtesy of Marvel Studios)

-Thomas Kitinya


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