Disney poised to re-release Avengers: Endgame – Was this the plan all along?


Well, you know what they say, If you can’t beat them, join them! According to various reports, Avengers: Endgame is set to be re-released in theaters along with extended footage excluded from the initial film and it’s safe to say that there’s a popular hunch amongst audience members on why this is so.

The latest Avengers film is approximately $40 million shy of beating Avatar’s record in the All Time Box office charts, a film which also had the advantage of boosting it’s Box Office numbers via a re-release 6 months after its preliminary release. The big question that begs is this; Was Endgame’s re-release, barely 2 months from its opening weekend, just a random decision by Disney or is it an attempt to dethrone Avatar from its nearly decade-long reign atop the Box Office charts?


Judging by Disney’s impressive lineup of 2019 films compared to 2018’s, anyone can guess what the company executives set out to achieve this year as far as their film properties are concerned.  The company’s plan to dominate the Box Office seems to be working quite well so far given that 3 of their film properties are sitting pretty at the top of the 2019 Box office U.S Domestic grosses (Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel and Aladdin with $ 832 Million, $ 426 Million and $ 272 Million respectively).

That said, despite what has been achieved so far in the year without factoring the numbers that Lion King and Frozen 2 will rake in, the company will obviously be looking to add a cherry on top of their achievements. That cherry on top would be having Avengers; Endgame overtake Avatar to become number one in the all-time list.


Just to answer the big question I posed earlier, I am convinced that the re-release of Endgame isn’t coincidental considering it’s position in the Box office list; its all about Disney wanting to flex their muscles even more than they already have in the cinematic space. Personally, I think the bonus Endgame footage should have been featured in the upcoming DVD version of the film. I mean, what’s the point of releasing the DVD version of the film which is supposed to have the bonus features and exclusive footage when the theatrical re-release is doing just that? Anyway, it is what it is.

I probably won’t be seeing Endgame again for extended footage not just because I have seen the film way too many times already, but also because the movie has turned from a cinematic event to a blatant cash cow for Disney. Just saying!

-Thomas Kitinya

16 thoughts on “Disney poised to re-release Avengers: Endgame – Was this the plan all along?

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  1. I think they should wait until closer to the end of the year. We all know why there doing it (and I’d love to see Avatar dethroned) but at least it November or December they can call it an awards push!

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  2. You say it’s cheating, but if I remember correctly, like you said in the article, Avatar AND Titanic (which you didn’t mention in the article) also had re-releases, so turnabouts fair play.

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    1. Cheating is cheating Ben… no exceptions. Whether it’s Titanic, Avatar or Endgame. You know, it’s like you’re saying, if most of the classmates you’re doing an exams with cheated, then that negates the fact that the act unethical. it’s NOT.


  3. As you know (because I reviewed Endgame), I’m not happy w/how Stark and Black Widow was dismissed. Unless the re-release is going to be rewritten to allow the two to live another movie, I won’t be seeing it. They deserve a dedicated movie as they go out together. I’m just Saying!

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  4. I saw it as well. I do not mind the remakes, but where is the original content. Keep the remakes coming, but we need new talent in the movie business.

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