Movie Moment Tribute; Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)


One of the most prolific Hollywood entertainers to have ever walked on the face of this planet, Robin Williams‘ legacy still lives on even 5 years after his tragic passing. Robin was a man who wore many hats in the industry; be it stand up comedy, voice acting, onscreen acting, emceeing etc. his performances were always top-notch, satisfactory and most importantly entertaining. For this particular edition of Movie Moment Tribute, I will be looking into an early 90’s film he did, one which I rewatched a couple of weeks ago, that has always struck a chord with me. It’s the one, the only, Mrs. Doubtfire.


This so happens to be the final shot, one which perfectly summarizes what the plot has been all about and the emotional journey it takes a viewer through the course of the film. Basically, Williams’ character Daniel Hillard has a concrete fall out with his wife Miranda (Sally Field) who files for a divorce and is eventually granted custody of their children.

To add salt to injury, the court rules that Daniel visitation rights are restricted to only one day, a Saturday and only for a limited amount of hours. Mr. Hillard, being the crafty man that he is, decides to take up a female identity to seize an opportunity to see his children more often upon realising that his ex-wife is looking for a nanny.


The message that Daniel delivers as his alter-ego Mrs. Doubtfire in this scene is heartfelt and educational to say the least. His arc comes to a bittersweet ending i.e. he doesn’t get to patch things up with Miranda as he would have wished but at the same time, he is contented with the fact that he know gets to see his children more without having to don a ‘lady costume’. Additionally, Mr. Hillard breaks the fourth wall in the monologue by addressing the theme of separation and the impact it has on children who can be equated to innocent bystanders in a conflict.

His response to Poppet, his arc in the film, the relatable themes centred on Robin’s character as well as Robin’s outstanding performance make this movie moment worth giving a tribute to.

-Thomas Kitinya

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