AVENGERS; ENDGAME (2019) – Character Highlight; Black Widow



Avengers; Endgame is a 2019 superhero action film directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. Starring an ensemble cast including, among others, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, the plot revolves around the surviving Avengers reeling from the aftermath of the decimation of half the universe by Thanos and their quest to restore everything back via a ‘time heist’.

In my previous post, I highlighted Jeremy Renner and his outstanding performance as his character Hawk-Eye who, as I mentioned, is a prime example of what a strong character in a narrative should be like. However, there’s another who is just as strong a character as Clint or even more; a Russian elite spy/assassin turned Avenger who in the film, is all about the ethos of the super-hero team. She gets what it’s all about. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!


Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow came into the M.C.U as a sexy secretary with a special skillset but any comic book fan watching Iron-Man 2 would have known there was more to her character than just that. Back then, I thought it would only be a logical step for Marvel Studios to do a Black Widow stand-alone movie right after the Iron-Man sequel and in hindsight, that probably would have been a better idea.

Why? You ask? Well, in consideration of Romanoff’s arc in Endgame and what she does to ensure the completion of the ‘time heist’ mission, the events of that solo movie would have provided more depth and emotion to the Vormir scene. I don’t know about you but as an audience member, at the moment where Natasha and Clint are trying to internalize and make a decision on the grim task that lay before them, I would have been thinking about how her character arc played out in that should-have-been movie. How she was redeemed from her life as an assassin by Barton and given an opportunity to become part of a worthy cause; part of a family she never had. And now, atop that mountain, she had to let go off her family and sacrifice herself for the greater good. In her own words, “Whatever it takes!”


I think that specific ‘time heist’ mission on Vormir was written well, especially since it was Clint and Natasha who were going to retrieve the Soul Stone; the connection between them is immeasurable. I couldn’t help but shed a tear or two from where I was seated in the theatre when Widow let go off Barton and fell to her demise since she, just like or even more than some of her team-mates, deserved to have seen the status-quo restored. In the final scenes in the movie, Hawk-Eye tells Scarlet Witch how much he would have wished to let Natasha know that they won. She was hit hard by the effects of decimation as one could notice through her somber tone as well as her breaking into tears when Rhodey reveals what Barton had been doing as Ronin. Though it was sad to see her sacrifice herself eventually, that was a satisfactory ending to her character and she went out as a true Avenger. 

Summarily, I’d say I am not really looking forward to the upcoming Black Widow movie which will obviously be a prequel. As I mentioned earlier on in this piece, it should have been done along time ago or even just before the release of Endgame. It would have been more relevant that way. In fact, as controversial as it may sound, Marvel Studios should have done a Black Widow film instead of Captain Marvel, just saying. Anyway, thanks for reading the second part in my series and look forward to the other O.G-six highlights in the coming days. Cheers.

-Thomas Kitinya

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  1. I agree with your thoughts on the timing. It’s going to feel anti-climatic to me and the character really deserved a film. I’ve been reading some of her comics recently and there’s a lot of great stuff there that could have been adapted.
    Enjoying your characters pieces! Can’t wait for Tony 🙂

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