4 things you should anticipate in the upcoming Dora & The Lost City of Gold


If you happen to ask anyone born in the Generation Z age bracket on whether or not they are familiar with Dora the Explorer, 9 times out of 10 their answer will be yes, absolutely, sure, of course… you name it! Since the cartoon T.V series came into being in the year 2000, Dora the Explorer has not only been entertaining its juvenile audience but also instilling educational messages into the hearts and minds of the young.


Frankly, I wasn’t much of a Dora the Explorer fanatic growing up; I was more of a Cartoon network kind of guy as most of my peers were in my hometown of Eldoret in Kenya. That said, I have watched a substantial amount of them over the years to know that a live action adaptation of the cartoon series is not something I foresaw happening yet alone wanted.

Directed by James Bobin, Dora and the Lost City of Gold stars Isabela Moner as Dora with Eugenio DerbezMichael PeñaEva Longoria and Danny Trejo in supporting roles. It’s plot centers on Dora, who alongside her friends, embarks on a quest to save her parents and solve the mystery behind a lost city of the Incas. The film’s trailer came out a few weeks ago and it elicited mixed reactions amongst audiences; some say they are not impressed and some say that it is just a Nickelodeon cash cow. Either way, the movie will indeed be coming to a theatre near you in August and thus here are 4 things that did not feature in the trailer which you should expect in the movie.


The sneaky orange fox has played a major role in the T.V series since its inception as the main antagonist; either stealing or attempting to steal the items that Dora uses in her various quests. I feel like fans of the cartoon series would have felt hard done by if the forthcoming movie didn’t feature the sly kleptomaniac fox at any point in its run-time but gladly it will; voiced by Benicio Del Toro.


In as much as he is the ‘bad guy’, I have to admit, I find his ways incredibly funny and amusing to a point where I consider him as interesting as Dora, the main character. Furthermore, Swiper has some iconic catch phrases i.e ‘Oh man!’ when Dora and co. stop him from stealing and ‘Haha, you’re too late, you’ll never find it now.’ when he succeeds at stealing Dora’s items.


Image courtesy of mashable.com

Yet another integral cog that made Dora The Explorer the popular machine it has come to be, Fatima Ptacek has voiced the character of Dora for years; exceptionally might I add. In an interview with American Latino in 2013, she expressed how much of an honour it has been for her to voice the character and even spoke to the connection she has with Dora in that they both have similar values and ambitions. 


In consideration of her service in entertaining children all over the world for quite some time, I think it would be befitting to have Fatima show up in the upcoming movie even if it’s for a scene or two; a cameo if you will.


Nostalgia is something many film-makers doing live adaptations of popular cartoon series and movies can’t help but tap into. Whether it’s incorporating an iconic catch-phrase in the screenplay or just playing the theme song associated with the cartoon being adapted, we have seen it all.


Depending on how and when it is used; it can either enhance the specific scene or it could just tear it apart. A good example of this is how the Go, Go Power Rangers theme song was used in 2017’s Power Rangers. In my opinion, I felt like that song was forced into that scene and hadn’t earned the right to be in it. I believe an empowering instrumental score would have done the trick better.

As far as the Dora the explorer theme song is concerned, it’s probably going to be in the movie but I just hope that it used in the end credits as opposed to during an action scene. I can’t even begin to imagine the latter.


Image courtesy of CollegeHumor

Six years ago, CollegeHumor decided to make the most out of the internet sensation that was the parody Dora movie trailer they had released 9 months earlier; they went on to make a three-part miniseries, Dora the Explorer and the Destiny Medallion.

Speaking to TVGuide.com in 2013, CollegeHumor’s president of original content said,
“We did the movie trailer, and we loved the video, but the response was better than we had hoped. With so many people asking for it to be a real thing — we don’t really have that permission to release a Hollywood film —we said, ‘What’s the biggest version of this that we can do?’ And the answer was web series … and luckily all the stars aligned. … This is one of the most ambitious things we’ve ever done.”


The mini-series was met with mixed reactions; some liking it and some not, I being part of the latter. Nonetheless, beyond the campy feel, the bad green-screen, the bad acting and Swiper being potrayed by a human being, I respect the initiative that CollegeHumor took in making the series especially considering their budget constrains.

Whether it’s in a positive way or not, expect to see the upcoming movie make references to the mini-series be it in dialogue or in action, in a way to enhance the comedic tone that the trailer has set us up for.

-Thomas Kitinya.

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      1. Sadly, yes. So, a movie would be TOO MUCH. I think I have HAD IT with kids shows. Its not terrible when your kids are small, but when they are older? No excuse. The other show….BLUES CLUES.

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