STUBER (2019) – Trailer Reaction


Stuber is an American action comedy film directed by Michael Dowse, best known for Robot Bullies, Take Me Home Tonight, Goon and the Fubar movies. Set in Los Angeles, the plot revolves around an Uber driver in Stu (Kumail Nanjiani) who alongside Vic (Dave Bautista) find themselves in a tough ordeal where they are in pursuit of a sadistic and blood-thirsty terrorist.


The Movie-Warden’s take

On the surface, it does look like a watchable and more importantly enjoyable film with the comedy seemingly well interwoven with the action.

The kind of relationship between Kumail and Bautista’s  characters is somewhat cliché nonetheless, it has substantially worked for me in other movies and I see no reason why it shouldn’t work for me in this. On one hand we have Vic, a Los Angeles detective who is oblivious of how Uber works and is hellbent on tracking down a wanted terrorist and on the other hand, we have Stu, a naive Uber driver who unfortunately gets caught up in Vic’s dangerous mission and has to help him unconditionally.


Both actors seem to be having considerable fun with the movie; as they should be. Kumail knows his way around a comedy themed film and understandably so. He is often cast as the funny guy in most of the movies he is in; a factor that can be either good or bad depending on the perspective you look at it from. That said, Bautista, judging by the trailer, will be giving Kumail a run for his money; the actor seems to be incorporating that Drax vibe onto his character in this and thus I am looking forward to just as much amusement from Vic as I hope to get from Stu.

The action comedy sub-genre in films is one that I have been a fan of for the longest time hence I have no reason not to be impressed by the new Stuber trailer, right? Well, not necessarily. I have watched enough movies in my lifetime that used the better clips in their marketing campaign but ended up not living up to the hype. Could Stuber end up being one of them? I certainly hope not.

-Thomas Kitinya

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