Captain Marvel passes Wonder Woman as fastest pre-selling female lead superhero film

Image courtesy of HeroicHollywood

Despite it being less than a fortnight until Captain Marvel officially hits theatres globally, the Marvel movie has now surpassed the likes Wonder Woman and Catwoman to become the fastest pre-selling superhero movie with a female lead.


The exact ticket sale numbers as of now are widely undisclosed nonetheless according to ComicBook, the early estimates place the film at around the $100 Million to $120 Million mark, figures that soar above what Wonder Woman managed to bring in prior to its opening weekend with a commendable $103 Million. Pre-sales for Captain Marvel are set to rise even higher in consideration of the fact that Disney have two more weeks to give it all they’ve got in marketing the film ahead of March 8th when it premiers.

There are a few possible reasons that can be attributed to the recent milestone for the upcoming M.C.U movie. First off, it’s marketing is substantially being funded by Disney; a company which, as reported by Statista, spends more than $2 Billion every year in advertising. Another reason may be due to the fact that recent critical reactions from critics who got an early private screening of the flick were overwhelmingly positive; praising it for it’s exemplary done origin story, great character performances as well as the riveting 90’s nostalgia. Lastly, Captain Marvel is riding on the breath-taking suspense that characterized the mid-credits scene in last year’s Avengers; Infinity War as well as the anticipation of the forthcoming Avengers; Endgame; a film which the Marvel superhero is thought to be heavily involved in.

Image courtesy of LaPrensa

One thing that Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman have in common is the fact that the actresses playing the lead roles have faced their fair share of controversy in the months leading up to their respective films’ openings and even during the cinematic runs. On one hand, Gal Gadot faced a lot of scrutiny from online haters who were massively outspoken about the fact that her body did not conform to the comic book depictions of Wonder Woman. The Israeli-born actress gave an account of her ordeal via an interview on Robot Underdog.


On the other hand, we have Brie Larson who has been and continues to face a lot of backlash in light of her comments during last year’s Crystal and Lucy Awards where she openly criticized the lack of diversity among film critics; comments which she has recently clarified.

Regardless of the negativity, Gal Gadot’s film went on to gross staggering numbers at the worldwide Box office and it seems like Captain Marvel is indeed following in it’s footsteps. All this, a testament to the power of unconditional support over negative criticism.

-Thomas Kitinya.

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