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Did you know….

Hollywood icon Marlon Brando signed on to play Jor-El 3 years before the first Richard Donner Superman film was made. His contract included a clause that required him to complete all of his scenes in twelve days alongside a salary of $3.7 million and 11.75% of the total box office gross profits, which totalled his payday to $19 million.  Brando hoped to use a portion of his salary for a proposed 13-part Roots-style miniseries on Native Americans in the United States.[20]


The award-winning actor also refused to memorize his dialogue in the Krypton scenes, hence cue cards were compiled across the set for him to use. Additionally, upon the casting of his fellow Oscar winner Gene Hackman as the criminal mastermind Lex Luthor days later, Donner and his team made it a priority to shoot all of Brando’s and Hackman’s footage with a lot more urgency because the actors would potentially be committed to other films immediately.

Well, if you didn’t know… now you know.

To read the Movie-Warden’s review of 1978’s Superman, please click on the text below.


Fun Fact Information courtesy of Wikipedia.

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