Why James McAvoy is not hyped about the ‘X-Men’ prospectively joining the M.C.U

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During a recent interview while promoting his latest film ‘Glass’, award-winning Scottish actor James McAvoy, best known for playing a young Charles Xavier in previous X-Men films, reveals two reasons why he personally wouldn’t be hyped about the prospect of the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Speaking to MTV News, in the context of his upcoming X-Men movie ‘Dark Phoenix’, McAvoy admits that he loves playing the character of Charles in the beloved superhero team; one that he has been a part of for more than 8 years since his maiden appearance in 2011’s ‘X-Men; First Class’. Nonetheless, he goes on to say that unless the character has a much different arc story-wise or is written in a different way in the M.C.U, he would be open to the possibility of another actor taking up the mantle of playing Professor X should X-Men join the said universe.

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This topic comes in light of Walt Disney being on the cusp of finalising a deal with 21st Century Fox Studios. According to an article by NDTV, it’s a deal that was set in motion in July of last year when the latter company was essentially acquired by the Walt Disney Conglomerate in a colossal $71.3 billion buyout. Additionally, it is a deal that will see Disney own movie and television rights of Marvel characters i.e Deadpool, Fantastic Four and X-men which it had previously sold to Fox. This move is poised to change the course of the M.C.U considering that a considerable portion of the franchise’s marquee characters might not be in the picture after the much anticipated Avengers; Endgame film.


Though inadvertently, McAvoy goes on to state in the interview that the X-men as a superhero unit might not fit perfectly with the Avengers from a characterization standpoint. He says, ” Can the X-Men fold into the Avengers world? I don’t know. One of the beautiful things about the X-Men and one of the things that always strikes me when the fans talk to you about it is the the reason that they love is because it has a parallel with disenfranchised, with people that have been ghettoised, with ethnic minorities, sexual minorities and anybody who mainstream society is scared of “.

McAvoy’s stance on the matter has been well received by X-men fans across social media platforms terming him as someone who truly understands what the latter superhero team-up represents beyond their fictionalization.

-Thomas Kitinya.

4 thoughts on “Why James McAvoy is not hyped about the ‘X-Men’ prospectively joining the M.C.U

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  1. He certainly makes a good point at that. Marvel does have its share of billionaires, kings and Gods not many that I’d consider disenfranchised but on the other hand the Fox X-Men movies are pretty much a mess right now (in my opinion) so I wouldn’t entirely mind a reboot!

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  2. After reading X-Men versus The Avengers, I would love to see them fight each other. I agree with what James says, I could relate more to the X-Men compared to the holier than thou Avengers. I also agree with the above commenter that a reboot would be nice.

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