Will ‘Shazam’ be the next success story for the DCEU?

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Well known for his work on 2017’s ‘Annabelle Creation’, Director David F. Sandberg is at it again but this time he is overseeing a more lighthearted film in ‘Shazam‘ starring Zachary Levi set to be released on 5th April, 2018. This is the 7th film in the DCEU and it follows a young orphan in Billy Batson who upon being gifted superhuman powers by an ancient wizard, has to learn his new abilities in order to go toe to toe with an evil foe in Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.


If the top 10 highest grossing films of all time are anything to go by, it’s a no-brainer that comic book movies have been and continue to dominate that space with with films such as ‘The Avengers’,  ‘Avengers; Infinity War’ and Black Panther’; all of which are affiliated to the M.C.U. That said, why isn’t the DCEU in this conversation? Well, most of it’s movies have been underwhelming to both audiences and critics i.e Justice League; it’s a known fact. Nonetheless, in light of the recent success of James Wan’s Aquaman which crossed the 1 billion dollar mark at the Box Office, one could argue that the DCEU might slowly be creeping into that very conversation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Walter Hamada, the new President of DC-based film production at Warner Bros. Pictures, had reportedly been quietly working on sorting out the chaotic DC Films slate since his appointment in January 2018 hence he might as well be the unsung hero in Aquaman’s recent success story.  Momentarily, the question that begs in any D.C fan’s mind is whether the upcoming ‘Shazam’ will replicate Aquaman’s achievement and in turn contribute to giving the M.C.U a run for their money. Well, anything is possible in the Box Office however, in Shazam’s case, certain factors might arise to prevent it from reaching its intended heights.


Chief among them, of course, is the Avengers; Endgame factor. Given that the much anticipated Marvel movie is set to be released just 3 weeks after Shazam hits theatres, the 3rd Avengers installment will predictably knock Shazam off the top of the Box Office in case the latter film will be on top at that particular point in time. Unless Shazam does something quite extraordinary and unheard of in it’s first 2 weeks, nothing will stand in the way of new Avengers film once it drops and hence this might spell doom for Shazam.

-Thomas Kitinya.

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