Movie Moment Tribute; Stanley Anderson – Armageddon (1998)


In all honesty, I’d be lying if I said that I am a big fan of Stanley Anderson’s work; I am quite sure most people my age who love movies don’t even know who he was. Nevertheless, it would personally be an abomination to underestimate the great talent he was based on the few art pieces that I have had the privilege to see him in.


Born and raised in the U.S state of Montana, Anderson’s acting career took off in the late 60’s which saw  him work in notable t.v shows and movies i.e ‘The Drew Carrey Show” up until the mid 2000’s when he retired from mainstream acting. The legend sadly passed away mid last year.

Michael Bay’s ‘Armageddon’ is not everyone’s cup of tea; many love to hate it, period. That said, I love that film; it’s one of my guilty pleasures and one of the many reasons why I love it is because of Stanley Anderson’s incredible speech as the U.S president at the climax. He addresses not only the people of the United States but also the entire world of the impending danger that poses a great threat to mankind.


Every other time that I have watched this film, I have taken a moment to savour that great speech; backed by riveting visuals of people the world over listening or watching him deliver it. It’s not a long speech but it’s straight to the point and Anderson does it exceptionally well. Here it is.


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