4 things you should know about the upcoming ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ movie.

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Set to be released in 25th January of 2019, The Kid Who Would Be King is an upcoming film of the fantasy action comedy genre directed by Joe Cornish. It is more less a spin-off of the King Arthur film franchise and its plot is about a young boy in Alex (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) whose life changes drastically when he discovers King Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur. The latter leads him to a heroic path to fight off the impending danger being posed by an evil and powerful enchantress called Morgana.


The trailer for this movie dropped 3 weeks ago and its safe to say that the flick is evidently intent on rejuvenating this revered and beloved franchise in a way that not only appeals to the older generation who grew up on a lot of King Arthur in films and cartoons but also the younger generation who aren’t as invested in the folklore. The following, based on the trailer, are 4 things you should know going into this forthcoming Joe Cornish film.

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I suppose we are all familiar with the King Arthur story, right? How he transitioned from a simple young man into a respected king via him being the only person to pull the famous sword dubbed Excalibur to which it was mystically stabbed into a rock? How he went on to form the Knights of the Round Table; his best warriors who would fight alongside him in his greatest of battles?


Well, this new movie does seem to be taking a somewhat similar trajectory as far as characterization is concerned. We see Alex, a simple young man who is often bullied in school and not taken seriously but one who is not afraid to speak his mind. A new purpose in life is presented to him after discovering Excalibur to which he would later form his own version of the ‘Knights of The Round Table’ to take on an evil foe. Does it borrow too much from the King Arthur character arc? Well, I wouldn’t condemn someone who’d be on that wavelength of thought nonetheless, it does usher in a new aspect to the franchise which brings me to my next point…

the kwwbk ws pic 1 alpha
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Whether it’s making fun of the legend of The Round Table, or a young girl attributing her exceptional driving abilities to the ‘Mario Kart’ game series, it sure does seem as though this film will be all guns blazing as far as comedy is concerned. The tone, in more ways than one, is quite appropriate considering the young demographic that this film is blatantly aiming at appeasing.


the kwwbk ws pic 2


20th Century Fox, the production company for this film, understand the importance of an eye-catching theater experience to an ordinary audience member more than many other production companies out there if the success of 2009’s Avatar is anything to go by.


One thing that the trailer has done well is presenting striking visuals to get audiences excited for what they would be getting when this film finally hits theaters just a few days from now without being too generous with it. This particular aspect makes this movie stand out from a majority of King Arthur films which often concentrate on matters politics and war as opposed to spectacle.

patrick stewart ws pic


Patrick Stewart is seasoned actor who doesn’t need any introduction; best known for his playing Professor Charles Xavier alias Proffessor X in the X-Men film series and Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star-Trek film series. One film he is most certainly not known for is 1981’s Excalibur where he plays  King Leodegrance of Carmelide; a character who wasn’t as noteworthy in the story-telling as he probably ought to have been.


38 years on, he makes his comeback to the franchise but this time as Merlin, the well-known sorcerer supreme of the Arthurian legend. The trailer portrays him as more of that mentor character we often see in films who is basically a shoulder to lean on and a guide to the main protagonist which, in this film, so happens to be young Alex. Whether or not Stewart makes more out of his second chance in the franchise remains to be seen.

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